TAPPI Connect Ask the Expert with Dennis Crawshaw

TAPPI Connect Ask the Expert with Dennis Crawshaw

TAPPI Connect Open Forum
Friday, July 30, 2021 to Friday, July 30, 2021

A TAPPI Connect Open Forum Event related to physical properties of paper and paperboard.

10AM - 12PM (ET)

Our physical properties of paper and paperboard Ask the Expert will take place in the Open Forum on Friday, July 30th from 10AM - 12PM (ET). 

Our expert Dennis Crawshaw has taken his time to answer your questions and they will be posted within the Open Forum on the day and times of the event.

If you have any  questions for Dennis related to physical properties of paper and paperboard please post them in the Open Forum within the 2-hour timeframe and we will get them answered as soon as possible. 

If you would like for the question to be posted on your behalf for Dennis to answer, please send email them to Kristin Dixon at [email protected]

We will close this thread at 12PM so be sure to get your questions in within the timeframe to hear directly from the paper and paperboard experts.

See examples of Ask the Expert events from the past.


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Dennis Crawshaw

Current position: Manager Analytical Sciencesdennis craw.png
International Paper
Loveland, OH

Education:  MS Paper Science & Engineering, BA Chemistry, Miami University (Ohio)

Work experience:  39 years with International Paper, in the fields of paper coating R&D, customer technical services, physical measurements, and analytical sciences. 

TAPPI experience:  current chair of the Physical Properties Committee and the Optical Properties Committee in the Product & Process Quality (P&PQ) Division.  Also a member of Division Council, Quality & Standards Management Committee (QSMC), and Standards Advisory Review Group (SARG).   

Hobbies:  Enjoys bike riding, yoga, and science museums


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