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Corrugated Packaging


Welcome to our Corrugated Packaging Division page. The division is comprised of technical professionals who focus on the manufacture and use of corrugated containers and associated packaging materials and products.

Division Chair: Jeff Quinn, The Haire Group

Division Vice Chair: Ed Stucynski, Menasha Packaging

The Corrugated Packaging Council (CPC) is the advisory board whose members work together to provide leadership, guidance and support to TAPPI in the effort to serve the members and associates of the corrugated industry. As the governing body of the division the CPC consists of eight appointed members and nine elected members. Each of the elected members fulfills a three year term. The CPC meets face to face twice a year to discuss strategies for the TAPPI Corrugated Packaging Division.

Elections will be held this summer for three open positions on the CPC.  Nominees must be working in the corrugated industry and be TAPPI members.  If you are interested in applying please contact Kristi Ledbetter, or simply fill out the application Applications are due by May 21, 2021.


Two Memorial Scholarships have been set up in memory of two well-known professionals in the corrugated industry. The Joe Dieffenbacher Memorial Engineering Scholarship Fund was established in 2018 by the TAPPI Corrugated Packaging Council and offers a $5000 scholarship to qualified candidates seeking a career in engineering within the corrugated industry.  The Terry S. Paulson Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by friends of Terry and Schwarz Partners for students pursuing further education in corrugated maintenance or engineering and offers two $5000 scholarships each year to qualified candidates. Additional scholarships in the amount of $1000 are sponsored by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Bobst Group, the Corrugated Packaging Division and the Corrugated Supplier Committee. The John O. Telesca Engineering Scholarship sponsored by WestRock is also available annually.

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The Technical Committees of the Corrugated Packaging Division work together throughout the year to solve problems, develop technical papers, plan conference sessions, and more. 

Each year, the Corrugated Packaging Division provides several awards.

At the annual conference in the even years the Corrugated Division is proud to sponsor the prestigious CorrPak® Competition which recognizes the finest commercially produced corrugated packaging products manufactured. The judges will evaluate quality, design, graphic excellence, technical difficulty, and innovative application in deciding first, second and third place winners in all categories, as well as awarding the Best of Show. 

The next competition will take place in conjunction with SuperCorrExpo® 2021 in Orlando Florida, USA, August 8 - 12, 2021 and will be the first ever Box Manufacturing Olympics.  This inaugural competition is sponsored by AICC and TAPPI, and combines the TAPPI CorrPak® Competition with the AICC Design Competition.  It will accept entries for products manufactured between October 21 2016 and June 11, 2021.

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We are pleased to provide  TAPPI Connect as a centralized, online resource for our members, consultants and volunteers to network, share knowledge, problem solve and collaborate.