Improve Your Understanding of Kraft Pulping and Bleaching Processes

TAPPI’s Introduction to Kraft Pulping and Bleaching Course begins August 17 in a virtual format that's convenient, flexible and interactive.

Register now to reserve your place with peers and instructors, Dr. Michael Kocurek and Dr. Peter Hart.

This training is patterned after the well-attended, annual course that more than 200 of your peers have already attended over the past five years. The virtual format includes:

Pre-Course Survey
In order to build the best foundation for more advanced topics that are most important to you, Dr. Kocurek conducts a pre-course survey before the virtual training begins to determine:

  • What are your specific learning objectives and what would you like to take away?
  • What is a specific technology related “hot topic” for your mill or company?
  • What process related troubleshooting topic would you like to see discussed as a basic level case study?

Your answers will contribute to some customization, within the scope and available time, to increase the value of the course.

Video Modules
Participants who register will then receive several self-paced, pre-recorded lectures each week, which can be viewed with flexibility within the participant’s schedule. These lectures will be supplemented with additional video updates, as well as a wealth of instructional visuals from Dr. Kocurek's vast collection of materials that he has amassed from more than ten years in teaching this particular curriculum.

Classwork Study Guides
Assignments and notes will be provided with this learning program. These study guides are designed to also serve as valuable reference materials later back at work when participants apply newly acquired information and practices into action.

Live Group Discussions
At the end of each section, participants will join a live group discussion moderated by Dr. Kocurek where they can ask questions and learn from others participating in the conversation.

Professional Certificate
An assessment test is included with this course where participants can earn a TAPPI Professional Certificate to show accomplishment of the learning outcomes taught.

Course Evaluation
As with all TAPPI training events, participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback about the learning outcomes, quality of the instruction and content of the curriculum.

CEUs Awarded
Participants who complete the Introduction to Kraft Pulping and Bleaching Virtual training can receive 1.3 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

Who should attend?
This course is ideal for anyone new to the kraft pulping process, particularly process engineers and operators.

Contact Us!
Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting TAPPI at [email protected] or +1-770-209-7222.